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Because there’s always more to do!

Challenge Accepted is a web-based app that turns your to-do list into a quest log, and turns you into a bold adventurer. Earn experience points for your real-life adventures by treating them like quests in your favorite role-playing games. Are you ready to join the battle?

Challenge Accepted uses HTML5 and CSS3

These things don't display for magical beans on older browsers or Internet Explorer. We recommend Google Chrome, a fully updated Firefox or even Safari for the full experience.



When you complete a task, you have the option of picking the attribute that helped you to do so. Attributes are different from skills. A skill is something that you do; an attribute is a characteristic that helps you do it.

As you use a particular attribute, your character’s score in that attribute will increase. You get one attribute point for every task you complete with that attribute, regardless of difficulty.

(Note: At the moment, your attribute score, like your skill points, exists mainly so you can see your own progress. But something is stirring deep in the wilds of GetYeDone; something big. All over the world, there are whispers.

The Old Gods are waking up.)

All Current Attributes

Bravery: When a task makes you nervous, scares you, or challenges you in some way, but you do it anyway.
Chaos: When a task goes off the rails.
Cleverness: When a task requires you to think quickly, to investigate, and to puzzle-solve.
Creativity: When a task asks that you take the road less travelled by, and you don’t have a map.
Fellowship: When a task brings you together with others, whether over a shared victory, a common goal, or a sandwich.
Flexibility: When a task calls for you to keep and open mind, be willing to adjust your ideas, and try new things.
Kindness: When a task calls for compassion, patience, and decreasing the level of suckage in the world.
Negativity : When a task is done with malice, or causes you to feel unpleasantly.
Perseverance : When a task requires that you keep going, even when the going is rough.
Procrastination: When a task is actually just a way of putting off other tasks.
Remembering: When a task returns your thoughts to ancient times... or requires that you not forget something of vital importance.
Responsibility: When a task needs doing, and you do it, even when you'd rather be doing something else.
Restraint: When a task requires that you hold yourself back, no matter how difficult the decision.
Strength: When a task calls on you to use your power—whether physical, mental, or emotional.
Whimsy: When a task calls for you to bend your brain, shake up the status quo, and see the world in extraordinary ways.
Wisdom: When a task requires intellectual rigor, or sagacity—and sometimes the greatest wisdom is knowing the difference between the two…