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Go ahead. Just one more task.

Challenge Accepted is a web-based app that turns your to-do list into a quest log, and turns you into a bold adventurer. Earn experience points for your real-life adventures by treating them like quests in your favorite role-playing games. Are you ready to join the battle?

Challenge Accepted uses HTML5 and CSS3

These things don't display for magical beans on older browsers or Internet Explorer. We recommend Google Chrome, a fully updated Firefox or even Safari for the full experience.



Lists are a way to filter the Tourney Rankings without having to create/join a party. Lists are completely private: no one can see your lists but you, including the people you add to them.

(Note: lists will look familiar to adventurers who have been around for a while; they are essentially what “parties” were before we implemented the new, improved, actually-social party system. All parties from the old system were transferred to the new system as lists.)

To create a list, go to Tourney Rankings menu (the green banner at the top of the page) and click “Lists.” This will take you to the list management page, from which you can view or edit your current lists and create new ones.

Adventurer's Tip #32

You might choose to create a list:

  • if youíre not into the social elements that come with a party
  • to keep an eye on a very diverse group of people, not all of whom are in the same parties
  • to keep track of adventurers you donít know with awesome names
  • to lurk in the shadows, watching your enemies and biding your time...