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You used a checkbox! It’s super effective!

Challenge Accepted is a web-based app that turns your to-do list into a quest log, and turns you into a bold adventurer. Earn experience points for your real-life adventures by treating them like quests in your favorite role-playing games. Are you ready to join the battle?

Challenge Accepted uses HTML5 and CSS3

These things don't display for magical beans on older browsers or Internet Explorer. We recommend Google Chrome, a fully updated Firefox or even Safari for the full experience.


A Note from the Dev Team

Hey, y'all!

As you may have noticed, Challenge Accepted is totally a work in progress right now. As such, things may not work quite right, or they may change without warning. As you guys use the site, we'll learn what works well, what needs help, and what isn't working at all. Your feedback is really important to making that happen! You all get to help us decide what direction Challenge Accepted should take.

And so, we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d use the button in the lower left-hand corner of the page to submit bug reports and give us feedback. Also, we recommend that you either keep an eye on our blog, follow us on twitter, or like us on Facebook to stay on top of what’s going on in the world of GetYeDone. If you've got something to say, you can tweet us, Facebook us, email us, send us smoke signals: we're listening.

We hope you enjoy Challenge Accepted as much as we do. We've put a lot of work into it these past several months, and we're really excited that we finally get to share it with the world.

Daisy & Amy, your Dev Team