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Challenge Accepted is a web-based app that turns your to-do list into a quest log, and turns you into a bold adventurer. Earn experience points for your real-life adventures by treating them like quests in your favorite role-playing games. Are you ready to join the battle?

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The world of Getyedone is vast, and all kinds of folks make their homes here. Human or elf, robot or dragon—anyone can be an adventurer!

But lo! The transformative powers of adventurers are vast. To change your race, you need only go to your character sheet, click “edit,”, and pick a new one from the drop-down menu.


Barbarians can be found just about anywhere where wilderness has yet managed to best the encroachment of civilization. Barbarians are nomads; they live in small bands, and prefer hunting and fishing to subsistence agriculture. Due in part to their hunting prowess, they are powerful fighters, whose culture values strength in battle. Barbarians are also some of GetYeDone's best storytellers, with an oral tradition that stretches back thousands of years.


Cloudlings live on floating islands, high above the surface of the world. With the help of their wings, and their skill at taming the wind, the Cloudlings are the stewards of the skies: they shepherd the clouds, ensuring that each corner of Getyedone gets the rain (and the sunshine) that it needs. While they tend to keep to their islands, many Cloudlings have gone groundward in recent times.


Dragons hail from the ancient, craggy mountains of the North. Extremely long-lived, dragons are known both for their impressive treasure hoards and for their ability to strike terror into the hearts of anybody dumb enough to stand against them. They are not, however, known for their subtlety.


Dwarves are strong, sturdy folk who tend to make their homes in the Underground. World-class minecrafters, they love to pursue treasure, whether below the ground or above it. To have a dwarf in your adventuring party is to never lack for a stout-hearted companion, and to never suffer an empty mug of ale. Both male and female dwarves are known for their impressively cultivated, gloriously decorated facial hair.


Elves are the children of the forests. Some carry themselves with regal bearing, while other are impish and delight in trickery, but all elves share in common a deep connection with the natural world, and a dislike for those who seek to do it harm.


Ghouls hail from GetYeDone's deepest, darkest reaches: the caverns below the surface-world, where few dare to venture. While most ghouls choose to remain in the Deeps, a few have taken the shadowy passages upwards. The lust for honor and glory is not limited to the surface-dwellers, after all…


Halflings are a peace-loving folk who hail from the farmlands and plains. By and large, they are a light-hearted people, but only a fool would underestimate them due to their size: everyone knows that good things come in small packages.


Humans are a passionate race, who make their homes wherever they travel and throw themselves into their adventures with everything they have. As a result, they tend to be somewhat short-lived. But what they lack in longevity, they make up for in enthusiasm!

Ice Giant

The Ice Giants are a mysterious race, whose origins are unknown. Some say that they are carved from the very glaciers; some say they arrived in the lands of Getyedone on the back of an icy comet that struck in the north and created the ice-covered mountains that tower there today. But whatever their origins, one thing is certain: the Ice Giants are slow movers, but once they've put their minds to a task, they let absolutely nothing stand in their way.


Merfolk are the stewards of Getyedone’s waterways. A proud people, Merfolk are known to be hot-headed and vain, but also fiercely loyal to those who prove their worth. In combat, Merfolk are fearsome warriors, due both to their own skills and to their propensity to ride to battle astride armored narwhals.


Orcs were once a race that valued war and conquest above all other things. But they’ve mellowed out in recent ages, and learned to appreciate the value of cultural exchange. While modern Orcs still enjoy a good fight—their grand Coliseum in the mountains hosts frequent tournaments of martial skill—they have also turned their considerable tactical skills, determination, and strength to more peaceful activities. Like gardening!


Marvelous machines, often powered by clockwork, first engineered by the desert-dwellers in ages past. Many are content to serve their designated function in peace. But some have heard adventure’s siren call! (…despite being robots and, therefore, immune to the song of sirens, unlike their more susceptible flesh-and-blood companions.)


No one knows from whence the unicorns hail. Some say the forests; some, the mountains; and some suggest that the unicorns hail from the jewel-like Southern Seas. Truly, it matters not. Unicorns are a regal, majestic race, who prefer peace... but will not hesitate to ride into battle if provoked. They respect solitude, and prefer to show themselves only to those who are deemed worthy. But, once the trust of a unicorn is gained, it is yours for life.


Zombies aren't the sort to let a little thing like puterefaction prevent them from getting things done. Once the mourning's through, they shake the grave-dust off of their boots and get on with things. Zombies were once members of all of the other (living) races, but now they are united with their undead fellows by a hunger for adventure… and other things.