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To productivity and BEYOND!

Challenge Accepted is a web-based app that turns your to-do list into a quest log, and turns you into a bold adventurer. Earn experience points for your real-life adventures by treating them like quests in your favorite role-playing games. Are you ready to join the battle?

Challenge Accepted uses HTML5 and CSS3

These things don't display for magical beans on older browsers or Internet Explorer. We recommend Google Chrome, a fully updated Firefox or even Safari for the full experience.


Class Tiers

As you level up, your class tier will advance, and your character will gain a new title. Each class has three unique sets of titles; your chosen alignment determines which set you get. And of course, the higher your level, the more awesome your title becomes. Just how epic can a title get? Youíll have to level up to find out!

Here's the tier breakdown:

  • Baby tier: levels 0-2
  • Rookie tier: levels 3-8
  • Champion tier: levels 9-15
  • Ultimate tier: levels 16-30
  • Mega tier: levels 31-50

Adventurerís Tip #26

You may notice that this breakdown only goes up to level 50, even though the level cap is 200. Once a character breaks level 50, they unlock a new set of “power” tiers. Level 100? “Epic” tiers. After that? Who knows!