Class Tier Revamp

We are currently in the process of slightly altering the class tier system. The revamped system will:

  • extend from levels 0 through 100 (whereas the current system only goes from 0 to 50)
  • feature EIGHT rad tiers per class instead of five
  • incorporate an exciting NEW FEATURE for adventurers who reach level 101+
  • be 100% more awesome

Now, the change in the system means that your current class tier is most likely going to change. In fact, you may very well find yourself back at a tier you thought you’d already passed. We get that this might be a bummer for some, but take heart! You can, and you WILL, make your way back up to the tier from which you were displaced, and you will then continue to go on and ascend the dizzying heights of tiers even more spectacular! We believe in you.

We will be unleashing the new system gradually over the next little while, and will be making announcements when we start to change things. Watch this space, and get excited!

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