New Feature: En Masse Task Creation

Hello, adventurers, and good news! Your dev team have finally returned after months of wandering in the icy wastelands of Gross Overcommitment, and we come bearing a new feature. Introducing En Masse Task Creation!

Many of you have said that it would be great if you could add multiple tasks quest at once. This has always been possible on the quest creation screen, but there wasn’t a way to do it once the quest was in your Quest Log, or to mass add tasks that weren’t part of any quest. No more! Now you can create many tasks all in one fell swoop, either as part of a quest or on their own.

(And remember, you can set a default skill and a default attribute to all tasks created within a specific quest by visiting its quest management page!)

If you’re curious about what’s coming next for us, or you have suggestions, you can always visit our Trello Board or hit us up on Twitter or Tumblr.

2 thoughts on “New Feature: En Masse Task Creation

  1. I hope things are going well for you. Moving house and job searching are very tough challenges, but hey, at least you earnt exp right?

    For some reason I can’t load the Trello Board (I’m using Firefox if that helps?) but I just wanted to comment to wish Dev#1 and Dev#2 well and thank you for all the features including the new en masse task feature :)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Unfortunately, I’m not sure why the Trello board wouldn’t be loading for you. You *do* need to be logged in on Trello to see it, could that be the problem? But we appreciate your thanks very much, no matter where they come from! Comments like this one are what keep the site running. :D


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