Happy Birthday to Us!

One year ago today, we launched Challenge Accepted. To celebrate, we got YOU (and us) some presents!

  • Enduring Tasks. Any task can now be marked as “enduring.” This will make the task a permanent fixture in your quest log; completing the task will move a COPY to your “completed tasks” list, but the original will remain in the “in-progress” list. Farewell, entering the same task over and over again! (And yes, this is the first stage in our plan to implement tasks that recur on specific days or on a set schedule. Baby steps!)
  • Fancy Party Glasses. Because it’s not a celebration without awesome headgear. Choose from cake, pineapple, and stars!

    To don your festive eyewear, head over to your character sheet, click the “Edit” button in the first section, and use the “Mask” dropdown.

  • A new home with Linode. Over the past year we have struggled with our hosting provider over resources, bandwidth caps, and unexplained downtime on their end. Moving forward, we have chosen to take our business elsewhere, and have relocated Challenge Accepted to Linode. In our new home, we have WAY more flexibility/control with regards to the site’s resource use. This will lead to less downtime and a much smoother adventuring experience for all!

The Dev Team would like to say a HUGE thank-you to all y’all. To everyone who spread the word when we first started out and helped us gain more users in one day than we thought we’d get in a month, to everyone who’s made friends with us on Twitter, FB, and Tumblr, to everyone who’s emailed us to tell us that the site was broken, to everyone who left us feedback that helped us squash gremlins and improve the site, to everyone who’s drawn pictures of their characters and posted them on Tumblr, to everyone who submitted an Adventurous Happening, to everyone who contacted us to let us know that CA helped them through a difficult time, to everyone who told their friends about us… basically, to everyone who’s made Challenge Accepted a part of their life over the last year: YOU ARE THE WIND BENEATH OUR WINGS. <3 <3 <3