How to Prepare for Adventure!

Any adventurer worth her salt knows that proper preparation is the key to a successful quest. Did Alethea the Blue set out to defeat the Villainous Slurge without a plan, or a carefully packed adventurer’s kit? NO SHE DID NOT. Because Alethea understood the importance of preparation.

That’s why this week’s Raz Challenge is to BE PREPARED FOR ADVENTURE! Of course, since adventure can take all kinds of forms, preparing for an adventure can ALSO take all kinds of forms. Here are some suggestions.

  • Stretch! Your sword-arm won’t thank you for neglecting basic warm-up stretches when you’re charging into battle! Getting your body ready to MOVE can be a great way to get your blood flowing and get you into adventure-mode. Find a set of stretches that work for your body, and try to work them into your pre-adventure routine.
  • If your battle is a non-physical one, you can still stretch your brain! For example, if your task is to slay a calculus test, you’ll probably want to stretch your math-muscles by studying and doing practice problems. If your task is to make a scary phone call, “warm up” by making less-scary phone calls to build your confidence. For the purposes of this challenge, “stretching” is whatever will get you prepared to face your task!
  • Hydrate! No, seriously. Drink water. It’s good for you.
  • Stock your adventurer’s kit! Take some time to think about what this adventure is going to require of you. Will you be out in the wilderness? Will you be braving the urban jungle? Will you be facing down the terrifying gauntlet of a university campus during finals week? Equip yourself accordingly! Some possible suggestions include:
    • Energizing snacks. (KEY.)
    • Spare pencils and pens.
    • Directions.
    • Tissues.
    • Enough change for bus fare.
    • Painkillers.
    • A good book.
    • A mini sewing kit. (This item has saved D#2’s bacon more times than she would care to admit.)
  • Pick appropriate theme music. Many an adventure has been lost or won on the strength of the playlist accompanying it. D#2 frequently rocks this Songza playlist and also the Bastion soundtrack
  • Make a plan! Visualize the task ahead of you, and the steps you’ll need to take to complete that task. How will you get there? What will you need? Who else will be there? What skills or attributes will you use? Be thorough: doing this will help you figure out if there are any other resources you might be able to call on to help you in your quest.

What do YOU do to prepare for an adventure?

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