Default Skills/Attributes for Quests and Odysseys

You can now set default skills/attributes for any quest or odyssey, via the quest/odyssey management page. These skills/attributes will apply to all tasks in a given quest/odyssey!

…That’s a lot of forward slashes. To sum up: the quest and odyssey management pages now have dropdown menus for “default skill” and “default odyssey”. (Note: these menus only appear on the management pages for quests/odysseys post-creation.) These are optional—you do not need to set a default skill/attribute for any quest or odyssey in order to use it! But if ALL of the tasks under your “Housekeeping” quest end up with the “cleansing” skill or the “strength” attribute, then you can select those as the defaults and save yourself some time!

The defaults are cascading—default skills/attributes set for an odyssey will apply to all tasks under all quests under that odyssey… unless any of those quests have their OWN default skills/attributes, in which case, tasks under that quest will have those defaults. And you can continue to set the skills/attributes for individual tasks within a quest just like always.

We’ve got a number of tweaks/improvements for the quest log coming down the line: keep your eyes open! And watch this space (or our Twitter, or our Facebook, or our Tumblr) for updates!