This Week’s Raz Challenge: Finish Something!

This week’s challenge is deceptively simple. So simple, in fact, that we’re not even providing you with any resources and suggestions for completing it. That’s because this week’s challenge is intensely personal. It’s going to mean something completely different to every adventurer who undertakes it.

This week, Raz challenges you to finish something.

There is a task, or even a quest, that you are on the cusp of completing. Maybe it’s something very small that you’ve just been putting off completing. Maybe it’s something big that requires one last push. Or maybe it’s something you haven’t even started, for whatever reason—a lack of deadline, fear of the unknown—that’s just sitting there in your Quest Log, waiting.

Finish it. Break it down into simple steps, and finish it. Put aside your excuses*, and finish it. You can do this. You WILL do this. And when it’s done, the trumpets will sound your triumph!

(*Note: “excuses” are different than “reasons”. If you haven’t finished building that grandfather clock you’ve been working on because you have a broken arm, maybe pick something different to finish for this week’s challenge.)

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