What’s your New Year’s Quest?

The end of another year is upon us; it is a time for all adventurers to reflect on the past as we look towards the future. Over the course of the coming year, what do you hope to accomplish? What challenges do you want to overcome? What terrible beasts do you wish to slay?

This week, Raz challenges you to set yourself, not a boring, ordinary New Year’s Resolution, but a fabulous, fantastic, EPIC New Year’s Quest! (Also acceptable: “Razolution.”) Remember to be good to yourself: you are GREAT, and nothing about you needs to be fixed! Rather, this is a chance for you to get more points in various skills/abilities and LEVEL UP your own awesome.


Only YOU can decide what form your New Year’s Quest will take. We will say that here at caHQ, we’re fans of the concrete goal: a quest with a specific, tangible, measurable condition for success. For example, “try one new reasonably healthy recipe a week” is a lot easier to act on than “eat healthier”. But again, you get to decide what a NYQ means for you!

Here are a few ideas for potential NYQs:

  • Get into a new daily or weekly habit. (Floss! Make your bed! Write 500 words! Ride your bike! Tidy your workspace! Craft because it makes you feel good!)
  • Undertake/complete a big project. (Write a novel! Move to a better living situation! Start a garden! Digitize your grandmother’s photos!)
  • Acquire a new skill. (Join a roller derby team! Learn to cook for yourself! Become a boss at knitting!)
  • Give back. (Volunteer your time! Set aside a small part of your income to donate to interesting Kickstarter projects! Organize a bake sale to raise money for a local charity! Bake a pie to support somebody else’s bake sale)

Do you accept this week’s Raz Challenge? Add it to your quest log!

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