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Who knew work could be so much fun?

Official Hiatus Announcement

Hey adventurers! Sorry we’ve been scarce, but here’s an update from your dev team. Challenge Accepted is currently on hiatus, and will be for the foreseeable future.

We promise that Challenge Accepted isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We haven’t abandoned it. Unfortunately, real life has thrown a, huge, scary boss monster at Dev#1, and working on CA has dropped pretty low on her quest log.

This is a passion project for us. We are THRILLED that you love CA and support it, and we do hope to continue development one day. For now, we are committed to keeping the site up and running. We appreciate your kind messages of concern. <3

New Feature: En Masse Task Creation

Hello, adventurers, and good news! Your dev team have finally returned after months of wandering in the icy wastelands of Gross Overcommitment, and we come bearing a new feature. Introducing En Masse Task Creation!

Many of you have said that it would be great if you could add multiple tasks quest at once. This has always been possible on the quest creation screen, but there wasn’t a way to do it once the quest was in your Quest Log, or to mass add tasks that weren’t part of any quest. No more! Now you can create many tasks all in one fell swoop, either as part of a quest or on their own.

(And remember, you can set a default skill and a default attribute to all tasks created within a specific quest by visiting its quest management page!)

If you’re curious about what’s coming next for us, or you have suggestions, you can always visit our Trello Board or hit us up on Twitter or Tumblr.

We’re Not Dead! We Promise!

Hello, adventurers! Dev#2 here, with some small bits of news regarding class tiers, the Hero’s Handbook, Twitter, &etc.

  • The class tier revamp is officially finished! We added three new tiers per class, and changed the math so that the tier structure extends from Lv. 0 all the way to Lv. 100! We’ve got exciting plans for what happens AFTER Lv. 100, so stay tuned.
  • We’ve nearly finished a revamp of the Hero’s Handbook. It’s not quite done, but you can check it out here.
  • Adventurers who follow us over on Twitter will already know that we’ve been posting a semi-daily FLASH CHALLENGE over there, just to keep all y’all on your toes. We’re planning to start posting these challenges over on Tumblr, also!
  • Speaking of Challenges, eagle-eyed (owl-eyed?) observers will note that we’ve changed the Raz Challenge to no longer adhere to a set timeline. Instead, there is now a “featured” challenge, as well as an archive of past challenges. It’s not a huge change, but we figured we’d tell you about it anyway.
  • We do have a few feature updates in the works, but Dev#1 is currently working full time, teaching two classes, volunteering, and moving house, while Dev#2 recently threw off the shackles of her Corporate Employer and is now frantically trying to find herself a new job, so our Quest Logs are a bit full at the moment. As always, if you need to get ahold of us, Twitter or email are your two best bets! Hopefully, the crazy should die down soon.

Thanks for sticking with us, friends!

Class Tier Revamp

We are currently in the process of slightly altering the class tier system. The revamped system will:

  • extend from levels 0 through 100 (whereas the current system only goes from 0 to 50)
  • feature EIGHT rad tiers per class instead of five
  • incorporate an exciting NEW FEATURE for adventurers who reach level 101+
  • be 100% more awesome

Now, the change in the system means that your current class tier is most likely going to change. In fact, you may very well find yourself back at a tier you thought you’d already passed. We get that this might be a bummer for some, but take heart! You can, and you WILL, make your way back up to the tier from which you were displaced, and you will then continue to go on and ascend the dizzying heights of tiers even more spectacular! We believe in you.

We will be unleashing the new system gradually over the next little while, and will be making announcements when we start to change things. Watch this space, and get excited!

How to Prepare for Adventure!

Any adventurer worth her salt knows that proper preparation is the key to a successful quest. Did Alethea the Blue set out to defeat the Villainous Slurge without a plan, or a carefully packed adventurer’s kit? NO SHE DID NOT. Because Alethea understood the importance of preparation.

That’s why this week’s Raz Challenge is to BE PREPARED FOR ADVENTURE! Of course, since adventure can take all kinds of forms, preparing for an adventure can ALSO take all kinds of forms. Here are some suggestions.

  • Stretch! Your sword-arm won’t thank you for neglecting basic warm-up stretches when you’re charging into battle! Getting your body ready to MOVE can be a great way to get your blood flowing and get you into adventure-mode. Find a set of stretches that work for your body, and try to work them into your pre-adventure routine.
  • If your battle is a non-physical one, you can still stretch your brain! For example, if your task is to slay a calculus test, you’ll probably want to stretch your math-muscles by studying and doing practice problems. If your task is to make a scary phone call, “warm up” by making less-scary phone calls to build your confidence. For the purposes of this challenge, “stretching” is whatever will get you prepared to face your task!
  • Hydrate! No, seriously. Drink water. It’s good for you.
  • Stock your adventurer’s kit! Take some time to think about what this adventure is going to require of you. Will you be out in the wilderness? Will you be braving the urban jungle? Will you be facing down the terrifying gauntlet of a university campus during finals week? Equip yourself accordingly! Some possible suggestions include:
    • Energizing snacks. (KEY.)
    • Spare pencils and pens.
    • Directions.
    • Tissues.
    • Enough change for bus fare.
    • Painkillers.
    • A good book.
    • A mini sewing kit. (This item has saved D#2’s bacon more times than she would care to admit.)
  • Pick appropriate theme music. Many an adventure has been lost or won on the strength of the playlist accompanying it. D#2 frequently rocks this Songza playlist and also the Bastion soundtrack
  • Make a plan! Visualize the task ahead of you, and the steps you’ll need to take to complete that task. How will you get there? What will you need? Who else will be there? What skills or attributes will you use? Be thorough: doing this will help you figure out if there are any other resources you might be able to call on to help you in your quest.

What do YOU do to prepare for an adventure?