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Tips & Tricks: Organizing Your Quest Log

The astute adventurer will realize that, in the Quest Log, alphabetical order reigns supreme. While this can be useful for overall organization, it can also be frustrating when you have a series of tasks that need to be completed in order, but are scattered all over your quest log by the whims of the alphabet.

But until we get a fully re-orderable quest log up and running (it’s in the works, we promise!), alphabetical order is secretly your GREATEST ALLY. Because, although it might not SEEM like it, alphabetical order actually gives you a great deal of control about where tasks appear in your Quest Log. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to take your Quest Log organization to the next level!

(NOTE: all of the tricks I’m going to talk about in this post work for tasks, quests, and odysseys. For the sake of brevity, rather than typing tasks/quests/odysseys every time, I’m just going to say “tasks.” Cool? Cool.)

  • To make tasks appear in a specific order, just add numbers in front of them! BUT if your list is going to have more than nine tasks, make sure you number like this: 01, 02, 03… 10, 11, 12, &etc. This will keep your list in the order you want it. Click here to see an example of good numbering versus troubled numbering.
  • To bump a task to the very top of your quest log, add a space before the task name. You won’t be able to SEE the space, but it will affect the alphabetical hierarchy. The more spaces you add, the higher up in the hierarchy you bump the task: tasks with five spaces will appear above tasks with four spaces, which will appear above tasks with three spaces, and so on. Here’s an example of using spaces to organize your Quest Log.
  • Another method for bumping a task up in the quest log is to use a symbol before the task name. The more symbols, the higher up the list a task will appear. Note: different symbols have different places in the alphabetical hierarchy, as seen in the graphic below. Also, beware of ^ and _ (underscore), because these symbols will actually bump your task to the BOTTOM of the quest log! For a somewhat ridiculously comprehensive look at how symbols can help you organize your tasks, click here.
  • Tasks that are unaffiliated with any quest or odyssey will ALWAYS appear at the very top of the quest log. If you want to keep something RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, keeping the task unaffiliated might be your best option. You can always go back and add it to a quest later on.

With these tips and tricks added to your adventurer’s kit, you’re ready to take on anything the world can throw at you!

Challenge Accepted’s Financial Health & Wellness

Hey all! D#2 here to talk a little bit about a thrilling subject: Challenge Accepted’s finances! (I planned to have this post finished around our first birthday back in early December, but then… the holidays happened. /o/ SORRY.) My goal with this post is to be transparent about a) what it costs to run a site like Challenge Accepted and b) exactly what we do with the money (donations + ad revenue) we take in. It’s gonna be THRILLING, so BUCKLE UP.

(Note: this got long. Sorry.)

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Default Skills/Attributes for Quests and Odysseys

You can now set default skills/attributes for any quest or odyssey, via the quest/odyssey management page. These skills/attributes will apply to all tasks in a given quest/odyssey!

…That’s a lot of forward slashes. To sum up: the quest and odyssey management pages now have dropdown menus for “default skill” and “default odyssey”. (Note: these menus only appear on the management pages for quests/odysseys post-creation.) These are optional—you do not need to set a default skill/attribute for any quest or odyssey in order to use it! But if ALL of the tasks under your “Housekeeping” quest end up with the “cleansing” skill or the “strength” attribute, then you can select those as the defaults and save yourself some time!

The defaults are cascading—default skills/attributes set for an odyssey will apply to all tasks under all quests under that odyssey… unless any of those quests have their OWN default skills/attributes, in which case, tasks under that quest will have those defaults. And you can continue to set the skills/attributes for individual tasks within a quest just like always.

We’ve got a number of tweaks/improvements for the quest log coming down the line: keep your eyes open! And watch this space (or our Twitter, or our Facebook, or our Tumblr) for updates!

This Week’s Raz Challenge: Finish Something!

This week’s challenge is deceptively simple. So simple, in fact, that we’re not even providing you with any resources and suggestions for completing it. That’s because this week’s challenge is intensely personal. It’s going to mean something completely different to every adventurer who undertakes it.

This week, Raz challenges you to finish something.

There is a task, or even a quest, that you are on the cusp of completing. Maybe it’s something very small that you’ve just been putting off completing. Maybe it’s something big that requires one last push. Or maybe it’s something you haven’t even started, for whatever reason—a lack of deadline, fear of the unknown—that’s just sitting there in your Quest Log, waiting.

Finish it. Break it down into simple steps, and finish it. Put aside your excuses*, and finish it. You can do this. You WILL do this. And when it’s done, the trumpets will sound your triumph!

(*Note: “excuses” are different than “reasons”. If you haven’t finished building that grandfather clock you’ve been working on because you have a broken arm, maybe pick something different to finish for this week’s challenge.)

What are you going to finish this week? Share your quests on Twitter or Facebook!

Do you accept this week’s Raz Challenge? Head to the Challenge Page and add it to your Quest Log!

PSA: Registration Email Issues

The Challenge Accepted email system is currently experiencing some issues as a result of our server move a few weeks ago. For reasons that really do require some exploring at this juncture, some email providers are refusing to receive email from our new server. We are working to resolve the issue—D#1 is scouring the logs trying to figure out how to get our sever to play nice with the other kids—but it’s proving to be a tricky gremlin to defeat.

If you have signed up for Challenge Accepted but not received your login email, please do the following:

  1. Check your spam filters for an email from, just in case.
  2. Go to Challenge Accepted. Click “sign in” and then click “forgot my password.” Enter your email as directed: this will cause the system to send you a new temporary password email, which might make it to your inbox where the initial one failed.

If these two steps don’t work, please email us at We will sort you out and get you adventuring as quickly as possible! You can also tweet at us, send us a Facebook message, or hit us up with a tumblr ask.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we promise that we’re doing everything in our power to kick this problem to the curb!