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Go ahead. Just one more task.

What’s your New Year’s Quest?

The end of another year is upon us; it is a time for all adventurers to reflect on the past as we look towards the future. Over the course of the coming year, what do you hope to accomplish? What challenges do you want to overcome? What terrible beasts do you wish to slay?

This week, Raz challenges you to set yourself, not a boring, ordinary New Year’s Resolution, but a fabulous, fantastic, EPIC New Year’s Quest! (Also acceptable: “Razolution.”) Remember to be good to yourself: you are GREAT, and nothing about you needs to be fixed! Rather, this is a chance for you to get more points in various skills/abilities and LEVEL UP your own awesome.


Only YOU can decide what form your New Year’s Quest will take. We will say that here at caHQ, we’re fans of the concrete goal: a quest with a specific, tangible, measurable condition for success. For example, “try one new reasonably healthy recipe a week” is a lot easier to act on than “eat healthier”. But again, you get to decide what a NYQ means for you!

Here are a few ideas for potential NYQs:

  • Get into a new daily or weekly habit. (Floss! Make your bed! Write 500 words! Ride your bike! Tidy your workspace! Craft because it makes you feel good!)
  • Undertake/complete a big project. (Write a novel! Move to a better living situation! Start a garden! Digitize your grandmother’s photos!)
  • Acquire a new skill. (Join a roller derby team! Learn to cook for yourself! Become a boss at knitting!)
  • Give back. (Volunteer your time! Set aside a small part of your income to donate to interesting Kickstarter projects! Organize a bake sale to raise money for a local charity! Bake a pie to support somebody else’s bake sale)

Do you accept this week’s Raz Challenge? Add it to your quest log!

What’s YOUR #newyearsquest/#razolution? Share it with your fellow adventurers by telling us about it on Twitter or Facebook!

Happy Birthday to Us!

One year ago today, we launched Challenge Accepted. To celebrate, we got YOU (and us) some presents!

  • Enduring Tasks. Any task can now be marked as “enduring.” This will make the task a permanent fixture in your quest log; completing the task will move a COPY to your “completed tasks” list, but the original will remain in the “in-progress” list. Farewell, entering the same task over and over again! (And yes, this is the first stage in our plan to implement tasks that recur on specific days or on a set schedule. Baby steps!)
  • Fancy Party Glasses. Because it’s not a celebration without awesome headgear. Choose from cake, pineapple, and stars!

    To don your festive eyewear, head over to your character sheet, click the “Edit” button in the first section, and use the “Mask” dropdown.

  • A new home with Linode. Over the past year we have struggled with our hosting provider over resources, bandwidth caps, and unexplained downtime on their end. Moving forward, we have chosen to take our business elsewhere, and have relocated Challenge Accepted to Linode. In our new home, we have WAY more flexibility/control with regards to the site’s resource use. This will lead to less downtime and a much smoother adventuring experience for all!

The Dev Team would like to say a HUGE thank-you to all y’all. To everyone who spread the word when we first started out and helped us gain more users in one day than we thought we’d get in a month, to everyone who’s made friends with us on Twitter, FB, and Tumblr, to everyone who’s emailed us to tell us that the site was broken, to everyone who left us feedback that helped us squash gremlins and improve the site, to everyone who’s drawn pictures of their characters and posted them on Tumblr, to everyone who submitted an Adventurous Happening, to everyone who contacted us to let us know that CA helped them through a difficult time, to everyone who told their friends about us… basically, to everyone who’s made Challenge Accepted a part of their life over the last year: YOU ARE THE WIND BENEATH OUR WINGS. <3 <3 <3

ATTENTION: Scheduled Site Downtime!

We are migrating Challenge Accepted to a new web host. As a result, the site will experience a bit of downtime this evening, at some point after 6pm PST. We will make an announcement when the site is about to go down, and will keep you posted via our social media networks as we work through the transition.

If all goes well, the site should be down for less than an hour. Following the downtime, you may experience connection issues for a little bit, as the migration finishes itself up: these should sort themselves out. Again, we will keep you up-to-date about the site’s status via Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Wish us luck!

IMPORTANT: Planned Site Downtime Coming

The site may experience some brief downtime sometime during the next few days, as we move Challenge Accepted to a new web hosting provider. We’re really excited about the move! Our new hosting will, among other awesome qualities, allow us to have far greater control over the site’s resources, which will lead to a much better experience for you guys!

We will make an announcement as soon as we know exactly when the (brief) downtime will occur. Watch this space, or our twitter, for updates.

New Join Page! Tell Your Friends!

That’s right, folks: we’ve completed a TOTAL OVERHAUL of the sign-up page!

Rather than smooshing everything together on a single, too-cluttered page, we’ve spread out the character creation options a little. We’ve also integrated the race/class/alignment iconography that we introduced to the site a few months back, making the sign-up process much more visually appealing.

The changes will make it significantly less confusing for new users to create accounts. So if you’ve been holding off on getting your friends to sign up for Challenge Accepted because our sign-up page was kind of a hot mess, your time has come! Tell your friends to join you in the battle for productivity! At swordpoint, if necessary!