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Ten Months and Ten Days

Sometime last night, Challenge Accepted hit 6,000 signups. I’ll admit, I didn’t notice (I kind of lost track after we killed the stats off the front page) but Dev#1 was on it, and she tweeted about the milestone this morning.

The thing is, back when we first launched the site, we watched those stats like HAWKS. Every new signup was cause for celebration. When we broke one hundred within the first few days, we couldn’t believe it. The web hosting we were using at the time could not, apparently, believe it either, and decided to buckle under the strain; oops? So we moved hosting to something that could handle more traffic, and put a cap on the number of adventurers who could sign up per hour, and soon it was all running smoothly again.

Two hundred, three hundred, five hundred— people kept coming to the site, and seeing something that resonated with them, something that inspired them to sign up and give Challenge Accepted a try. We hit one thousand signups, then two thousand. People started to talk to us on twitter, tumblr, and the book of faces, telling us when things were broken (we love you guys), suggesting ideas for new site features (FLASH CHALLENGES ARE COMING) and thanking us for this thing that we made. We added new features, broke stuff, fixed stuff, and watched, in awe, as the number continued to grow. Eventually, we stopped messaging each other excitedly when we ticked over another hundred signups. (It never got any less awesome, though.)

And now we are here today.

Some stats: of the over six thousand people who have signed up for Challenge Accepted since we launched the site, exactly ten months and ten days ago (not that I’m counting), we figure we have about two hundred users who visit daily, and maybe four hundred who visit at least once a week. Guys. That’s SO COOL. That means that four hundred people have taken this thing that Daisy (Dev#1) and I made and made it a part of their lives.

The last ten months have been ridiculous and stressful and humbling and AMAZING, and it is all thanks to you— the people who came to Challenge Accepted and said, “YES. THIS.” Because that’s how we feel, too. It means the world to us that you agree.

Real talk: both of us have lives, jobs, relationships, other projects, and misc. other commitments that mean that, as much as we’d like it to me, Challenge Accepted isn’t at the top of our Quest Logs. That’s why we still don’t have recurring tasks, or due dates, or user-set rewards, or a hundred other features that we really want to implement but haven’t gotten around to starting. But we promise that, ten months and ten days later, we’re still stupidly in love with this site. We’re going to keep going.

And we can’t wait to meet the NEXT six thousand. <3

PS: YES, a mobile app would be awesome. We agree 100%. It is on the list of things we want to do someday. :D

PSA: Odyssey Creation

Do you long to embark on a glorious odyssey, but can’t quite figure out how to do it? Worry not, adventurers! Creating a new odyssey is a snap!

  • Step 1: Create a new quest, OR go to the quest management page of an existing quest.
  • Step 2: Locate the “Odyssey” dropdown menu.
  • Step 3: Click “NEW ODYSSEY”. Enter your new odyssey’s name in the field that appears.
  • Step 4: Click the ‘Save’ button.

Et viola! You’ve created a brand new odyssey, into which you can sort any new or existing quests.

A helpful visual aid for locating the odyssey creation option.

A helpful visual aid for locating the odyssey creation option.

(Okay, yeah, we admit that it’s a little… clunky. The issue is, the way that the database is set up right now prohibits the creation of “empty” odysseys. The reason that you can only create an odyssey through a quest is that this automatically guarantees that at least one quest will exist in the odyssey. We hope to one day eliminate this restriction and allow odysseys to be created on their own!)

Site Slowness

We seem to be experiencing an infestation of gremlins in our servers. This has resulted in site slowness and, in some cases, things not loading the way they should. To help things, we’ve disabled the stats graphs on the home page, because the gremlins were particularly bad there.

We are working to correct this issue (Dev#1 has equipped her trusty +11 Axe of Cooperation) and we appreciate your patience!

Raz is Back, Baby!

As you may have noticed, the Raz Challenge took a bit of a break these past few weeks (but challenged you to do the same!) During that time, we asked you guys for your feedback about the Challenge, and we’ve spent the past two months using the myriad of thoughtful responses we gathered to improve the Raz Challenge going forward.

The wait is over, adventurers! The Raz Challenge is back, with a few changes that will make it even more awesome.

  • One-Week AND Two-Week Challenges: Feedback was split on whether or not challenges should run for a week or a fortnight. Now, challenges will run for EITHER one or two weeks, depending on their difficulty.
  • Multi-Platform Announcements: We will announce, as well as post reminders about, each challenge on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Eventually, we’re going to add the Raz Challenge to the site’s frontpage, so you’ll see it every time you visit!
  • Coming Soon: Flash Challenges! If you follow us on twitter, you may have already undertaken a flash challenge. These are bite-sized, more direct challenges: some examples include “Send that email you’ve been putting off!” and “Clean out the nearest drawer!” We’re going to continue to issue these challenges via Twitter and Tumblr, but soon they’ll also have a home on the site itself.

We are also working on rewards for completing a given Challenge within the set time-frame, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

What do you think of the new and improved #razchallenge? Let us know by commenting here (or hitting us up on Twitter!)

What’s that on your face?

coolshades googlyeyes masktuxedo snark woah

Like the new character portraits, but wish they were a little more… expressive? Well, wish no longer! You can now add some sweet shades, googly eyes, or even a little bit of expression to your portrait’s face!

To get some of this magic for yourself, head on over to your character sheet. and click the “edit” button under your race/class/alignment settings. The new “masks” drop-down will appear; select your accouterments from there!