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New Feature: En Masse Task Creation

Hello, adventurers, and good news! Your dev team have finally returned after months of wandering in the icy wastelands of Gross Overcommitment, and we come bearing a new feature. Introducing En Masse Task Creation!

Many of you have said that it would be great if you could add multiple tasks quest at once. This has always been possible on the quest creation screen, but there wasn’t a way to do it once the quest was in your Quest Log, or to mass add tasks that weren’t part of any quest. No more! Now you can create many tasks all in one fell swoop, either as part of a quest or on their own.

(And remember, you can set a default skill and a default attribute to all tasks created within a specific quest by visiting its quest management page!)

If you’re curious about what’s coming next for us, or you have suggestions, you can always visit our Trello Board or hit us up on Twitter or Tumblr.

What’s that on your face?

coolshades googlyeyes masktuxedo snark woah

Like the new character portraits, but wish they were a little more… expressive? Well, wish no longer! You can now add some sweet shades, googly eyes, or even a little bit of expression to your portrait’s face!

To get some of this magic for yourself, head on over to your character sheet. and click the “edit” button under your race/class/alignment settings. The new “masks” drop-down will appear; select your accouterments from there!


The *New* Party System

We’ve come a long way since we started Challenge Accepted and, let’s be real, sometimes you have too re-do some things. Fortunately, this gives me an excelent excuse to introduce some new features on parties! As a whole, the new system is similar to the old party system… but a) it’s actually social, b) it has room for expansion and addition of new features (some day, I promise!), and c) it includes fixes that I couldn’t make to the old party system due to limitations I very intelligently programmed in.

Lists vs. Parties

There are two facets to our new party system: lists and parties.

Lists are essentially the old party system: they are private little tourney rankings of people of your choosing. No one knows you have them on your list. They can be rivals, friends, or people with cool names you want to see yourself compete against and whatnot. This is both a clean way of transitioning our old system with the new and also allowing for less-social people (like me) to lurk with custom rankings and none of the concerns of dealing with actual people

And of course, if you want your old party (now called a list) to be a little more social? We can party-fy that! All you have to do is put on your robe and wizard hat, grab some elf-king sunglasses, and PARTY-FY that list!

Parties are social! They are everything lists are and more: they can be seen by all CA users or just by party members, and there’s a general noticeboard accessible by all party members, so that you may discuss your great goal (or your secret meeting arrangements for D&D)… or play passive aggressive games of who’s got first line in the notice board. We’ve got plans for a great deal more features in the future!

Privacy Options

Some adventurers want their party to declare its goals to the world, take in anyone, and be without rhyme, reason, or order. For those people, we have open parties! Party details can be seen by all, and people can come and go as they please: no invitations or approvals are required. An open party might, perhaps, be a gathering of unicorns! Or maybe a party formed for the love of cheese!

Others may not revel in the chaos and have a preference for some control: visible parties can be seen in the party listings, but require outsiders to petition for membership. Party details cannot be seen by non-members.

Others prefer their parties to remain draped in secret and shadow! Invisible parties are for these types of folk: no listings shall THEY appear on! The only way an outsider can be added to an invisible party is if they are invited by a current member, and party details cannot be seen by anyone who is not a member of the party.

And for both visible and invisible parties there are different levels of control, set by the creator of a party, to determine who has the ability to invite new members. Controlled parties give the party leader sole command over who joins the party’s ranks. Curated parties allow all members of a party to approve newcomers, invite other friends, and dictate who is welcome! (Open parties don’t need these settings, since anyone can join!)

Of course, once you’re in a party you are NEVER stuck there! We won’t stand for that, you can always leave a party or decline a party invite. No pressure- and you can change your mind later, too. Your listing of parties-no-more will always be at the bottom of your party management screen regardless of what terms you left on!


This is a social thing. We love you guys, you are awesome. But I am a paranoid lady and I’ll be damned if I’ll risk jerk-faces in MY party system being jerks to other people. I hate that in real life, I won’t let it stand in the land of Get Ye Done.

This being said, there is currently a link at the bottom of every party-related page allowing you to send us a complaint about people being jerk-faces.

It is my intent to eventually make that a little more robust so I can keep track of malicious tendencies of both those who are being reported but also those who might report in such a way to harass another user without their having any wrong-doing. It would also be neat if I built in ways for admins who aren’t me to shut these meanie-poopoo-heads down and prevent further malodorous behavior in these lands.

May our most important rule always be not to be a dick, followed by not being a Joe. They sorta overlap.

More to Come

Most of this update is all about fixing the bugs that were the older party system and bringing in some actual social features, all with room for expanding kept in mind. We have plans, we’re not done with this. There will be more!

Social Communication

Social parties might involve you people wanting to talk to each other? Preposterous, right? No, no, I know: it’s our intent to have some bulletin board action going on with time so you can start topics and throw words related to those topics back and forth at each other. We’re also planning an instant chat that will log conversations for less official party business.

Party Quest Logs

We are also aware that a party of adventurers might get together to accomplish a shared quest. With this in mind it is our intent to eventually create a party-wide quest log for breaking down a quest or odyssey and keeping track of each other’s progress. What else are you people here for, after all? Hanging out with each other? Pffaw!

Whatever the Heck Comes to Mind

We like ideas: ideas from people who use a thing are probably things those people will use. Crazy, right? That in mind, if you have a (feasible) idea for what the party system could be, let us know! I want to make as many things as awesome as possible. Some people do things differently; we want to embrace that and let you Get Ye Done your way. Publicly. In most cases.

This is it? After all that time?

I do not, and currently cannot work on Challenge Accepted full time. I have a full-time day job, volunteer as a teacher on weekends, am prepping to teach an upcoming college course, spend a day a week gardening with my grandparents, do freelance web design to make ends meet, AND work on Challenge Accepted. I also try to take the occasional game and/or movie break in there to keep me away from axes, doors and reenacting scenes from The Shining. So far so good!

This is not to say that Challenge Accepted is low priority in my life. I love you folks and it fills me with the happiest of glittery, rainbow butterflies roughly the size of helicopters. But right now I still have bills to pay and sanity to maintain and of late life has been lots of terrible, terrible chaos. Some things had to be put on hold and Challenge Accepted pulled the short straw.

Not much will stop me from working on Challenge Accepted but life can still slow down my progress on it. That said I’m gonna take things light for a little while as I get caught up with life.

Up next are some smaller projects before I get back to my poor neglected list of BIG items. After those  is rearranging your quest log how you want it.


Soon my adventurers, soon.
-Dev #1


New features! Attribute Displays and a Site Map

We’ve been working hard the past few days to bring you a couple of neat little features. (Yeah, we know we just launched a global stats page… we love you so much, we wanted to give you more!)

Attributes finally get their chance to shine!

Attributes, and the ability to add them to tasks you complete, have been around since the site launched in December. At long last, we’ve added an attribute score display to your character page, so you can see how many points you have in each attribute!

Attribute Display

What’s your highest score? Perseverance? Restraint? Whimsy? As well, you can read all about how attribute scores work over in the Hero Handbook.

Discover pages you never knew were there with our sexy new Site Map!

The lands of GetYeDone are vast, and it can be easy to get lost around here. Why, one unlucky adventurer wandered the About menu for three whole days, circling endlessly, just trying to find our Development Timeline

But no longer! We’ve created a detailed Site Map, for all your navigatory needs. With the Map by your side, you’ll soon be traversing GetYeDone like a seasoned adventuring pro!

What do you think of the new features? Talk to us!