Adventurous Happenings

Adventurous Happenings are bits and pieces of story that pop up randomly upon completion of a task. They have no effect on your character itself (yet); they’re just fun little glimpses into your adventurer’s travels.

Here are some examples of adventurous happenings you might stumble across:

“You solve the labyrinth’s final puzzle, unlocking the treasure room at the maze’s center. Now to deal with the treasure’s guardians…”

“You save an earth enchantress whose spell had gone awry, trapping her in the form of a flying squirrel. She rewards you by giving you a magic gem with the power to transform you into a bird for an hour at a time.”

“You uncover crumbling ruins, deep in the swampy marshes of the south. The ruins appear to be some sort of ancient obelisk. Perhaps, in the distant past, it spiraled all the way up to the sky…”

Adventurer's Tip #22

Got some ideas for Adventurous Happenings of your own? Send them to us! We’ll add them to the Big GetYeDone Story Archive, and credit your adventurer’s name. Help us build the world of GetYeDone! (The fine print: we’re not promising to accept all submissions, but we do promise to look at all of them. Also, please keep each submission under 250 characters—otherwise your adventure will be TOO HAPPENING and won’t fit in the box.)

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