When you complete a task, you have the option of picking the attribute that helped you to do so. Attributes are different from skills. A skill is something that you do; an attribute is a characteristic that helps you do it.

As you use a particular attribute, your character’s score in that attribute will increase. You get one attribute point for every task you complete with that attribute, regardless of difficulty.

Adventurer's Tip #7

Want to see how many points you have in a particular skill or attribute? Head on over to your character sheet! You’ll find your top ten skills, and your top five attributes, listed there. Clicking “show all skills/attributes” will reveal your complete point totals.

Bravery - When a task makes you nervous, scares you, or challenges you in some way, but you do it anyway.
Chaos - When a task goes off the rails.
Cleverness - When a task requires you to think quickly, to investigate, and to puzzle-solve.
Creativity - When a task asks that you take the road less travelled by, and you don’t have a map.
Fellowship - When a task brings you together with others, whether over a shared victory, a common goal, or a sandwich.
Flexibility - When a task calls for you to keep and open mind, be willing to adjust your ideas, and try new things.
Kindness - When a task calls for compassion, patience, and decreasing the level of suckage in the world.
Negativity - When a task is done with malice, or causes you to feel unpleasantly.
Perseverance - When a task requires that you keep going, even when the going is rough.
Procrastination - When a task is actually just a way of putting off other tasks.
Remembering - When a task returns your thoughts to ancient times... or requires that you not forget something of vital importance.
Responsibility - When a task needs doing, and you do it, even when you'd rather be doing something else.
Restraint - When a task requires that you hold yourself back, no matter how difficult the decision.
Strength - When a task calls on you to use your power—whether physical, mental, or emotional.
Whimsy - When a task calls for you to bend your brain, shake up the status quo, and see the world in extraordinary ways.
Wisdom - When a task requires intellectual rigor, or sagacity—and sometimes the greatest wisdom is knowing the difference between the two…

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