Difficulty Rating

To mark a task “complete”, you must choose its difficulty rating. There are five possibly ratings of difficulty. Here are some loose guidelines to each rating.

  • Easy: Task took very little time or effort. (ex. “Picked a bunch of flowers to use as potion ingredients.”)
  • Normal: Task took a decent amount of time and required an average amount of effort. (ex. “Brewed several batches of potions for the healing of various ailments.”)
  • Hard: Task involved a serious time/effort investment. (ex. “As a favor to the apothecary, travelled through the Groddle Forest to deliver potion to Old Woman Josie. Had to fight off a LOT of trolls.”)
  • Mini-Boss: Task was extremely intensive, either in hours, labor, or both. (ex. “Discovered dungeon in the middle of Groddle Forest. How long has that been there? Fought through hoards of trolls to reach the center of the dungeon, clearing traps and solving fiendish puzzles on the way.”)
  • Boss Battle: Task was EPICLY DIFFICULT, and you will be known as a HERO FOR THE AGES because you completed it. (ex. “Defeated the King Troll and his eleven generals at the center of the labyrinth in the Groddle Forest dungeon. Groddle Forest is free from his reign of tyranny! Hooray!”

Adventurer's Tip #33

Each rating of difficulty earns different amounts of EXP: the harder the task, the more EXP you gain. We believe that the only person who can decide how difficult a thing truly was is the adventurer themself—some days, getting out of bed IS a “hard” task. But always remember the honor code, and save the “boss battle” designation for quests that you feel truly deserve it.

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