Experience Points (EXP)

Experience points (EXP) are awarded to an adventurer upon the completion of a task. The amount of experience points awarded depends on the task’s difficulty rating.

Once enough experience points have been earned, the adventurer advances to a higher level. This will increase the amount of EXP you earn per task, and might even bring with it a new class tier.

Adventurer's Tip #25

How does the EXP buff work? Here’s the answer from the FAQ:

The EXP you gain for a task is based on an “average” task, difficulty normal. At levels 0 and 1, a normal task earns you 10 EXP. At those levels, we expect 10 “average” tasks to be done per level. But since leveling gets harder as you go, we require more average tasks each level. This is calculated by taking 3.4 times your level and then adding that number onto the average task. So, the number of average tasks required per level is 10+(3.4 * your current level).

The EXP buff we set is based on that number (10+(3.4 * your current level)) to make sure that original 10 EXP stretched to fill that growing gap as you get more powerful. This number is accomplished by dividing the EXP needed from start to finish in this level by how many tasks per level is expected of you, dividing that by 10, and rounding it all to make it a pretty number. (Getting 76098.3523 EXP would be weird.)

Written out, the EXP buff breaks down like this:

( (End EXP for this level - start EXP for this level - 1) / tasks per level ) / 10 with the result rounded to the nearest whole number.

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