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About Challenge Accepted
How It Works
Creating A Character
Tasks, Quests, and Odysseys
Leveling Up and the EXP Buff
The Party System
The Future
Privacy Policy
Rule #1


About Challenge Accepted

Q: There are a million to-do list apps already. Why one more?

A: Challenge Accepted is a to-do list app for people who like the mechanics of roleplaying games. If you’re intrigued by the idea of experience points, achievements, leveling up, different races and classes, enemies to defeat, collecting gold and other treasures, &etc., then Challenge Accepted just might be the app for you. If those things don’t sound like your cup of tea, we understand! There are lots of other to-do list apps out there.

Our goal is to be highly customizable (i.e. not limiting a user to one specific type of task, or to a small selection of race/class options) while still being easy and fun to use.

Q: What gave you the idea?

A: Challenge Accepted was dreamed up in the spring of 2012, when we, the co-founders—both long-time gamers—read this article by Becky Chambers and realized that applying the experience points (EXP) mechanic to our own to-do lists could serve as a powerful motivator. From there, it spiraled into bemoaning the fact that there wasn’t a website out there that would let them employ RPG architecture to their productivity exactly as we wanted to… and then, to building that website ourselves.

Q: Who are you people?

A: Daisy (Dev #1) and Amy (Dev #2) are a couple of ladies from Portland, Oregon. Learn more on our Meet the Challenge Masters page.

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How it Works

Q: How does Challenge Accepted work?

A: To start off, you create a character, choosing a race, class, alignment, and more. Then, you can start adding quests, (to-do items) to your Quest Log. Quests can be easily marked as complete by checking the box beside the quest’s title. Next, you can quickly choose the skill that you used to complete the quest, and the quest’s difficulty. Completed quests earn your character experience points (EXP) depending on the difficulty of the quest, and skill points (SP) depending on which skill you used.

As you earn EXP, your character will level up. As you accumulate SP, your character will unlock new achievements and titles. Completing quests also gives you the chance to earn gold, as well as engage in epic battles.

Q: How do you know that a player is really doing all the things they say they are?

A: We don’t. Challenge Accepted works on the honor system. Only you can decide when you’ve completed a quest, or how difficult that quest was. If you want to be dishonest, that’s your choice. (That said, if it’s quite obvious that a player is misusing the site, we will investigate, and possibly suspend their account.)

Q: So, I can mark a quest as complete even if I haven’t actually completed it?

A: Well, yes. But that makes you a Joe. Is that what you really want?

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Challenge Accepted will always be free to use. The trade-off for this is that we have ads, because we want to be able keep the site running and continue developing it. Someday, we plan to offer “guild memberships” with no ads, access to exclusive content, and some other cool features. But the basic site, and its core functionality, will always be free.

Q: Can I donate some of my hard-earned gold to show my appreciation for the site?

A: Absolutely! Our donation page is here. And if you donate more than $10, we’ll make it so you don’t see any ads on the site, because we love you and we want you to be happy.

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Creating a Character

Q: I don’t like my adventurer’s name anymore/I made a mistake when I signed up and my name is wrong! Can I change it?

A: Because of the way the database is set up, we do not allow users to change their own usernames. However, if you email us at, we will be happy to change your name for you.

Q: I signed up with one name, but now the site is displaying my name as something different! What gives?

A: There’s a good chance that the username you picked violated our site rules (a big one is using common sense and not being aggressively offensive when you pick an adventurer name: them’s the breaks). So we’ve taken the liberty of changing your display name to something less aggressively offensive. Contact us at and we’ll happily switch you to a username of your choice that’s more fun for everyone. If you have more questions about why this is a rule, please consult Rule #1.

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Tasks, Quests, and Odysseys

Q: How do I create a new quest?

A: There are two ways to create a new quest.

  1. From the “Create New Task” area in the Quest Log, select the “Quest” drop-down menu and then select “NEW QUEST.” You will be asked to give the new quest a name. Clicking “save” or “complete” will create your new quest, which can be edited from the Quest Management Page!
  2. On the Quest Management Page, click “Create New Quest” on the blue banner to the right. This will bring up the New Quest page, and give you the option to edit the quest’s settings as well as mass-add tasks directly into the new quest.

Q: How do I create a new odyssey?

A: Do you long to embark on a glorious odyssey, but can’t quite figure out how to do it? Worry not, adventurers! Creating a new odyssey is a snap!

  • Step 1: Create a new quest, OR go to the quest management page of an existing quest.
  • Step 2: Locate the “Odyssey” dropdown menu.
  • Step 3: Click “NEW ODYSSEY”. Enter your new odyssey’s name in the field that appears.
  • Step 4: Click the ‘Save’ button.

Et viola! You’ve created a brand new odyssey, into which you can sort any new or existing quests.

(Okay, yeah, we admit that it’s a little… clunky. The issue is, the way that the database is set up right now prohibits the creation of “empty” odysseys. The reason that you can only create an odyssey through a quest is that this automatically guarantees that at least one quest will exist in the odyssey. We hope to one day eliminate this restriction and allow odysseys to be created on their own!)

Q: Is there any difference between the red quest log (on the right-hand side of every page on the site) and the “main” quest log?

A: Nope. Anything you put into one will show up in the other.

Q: I just completed a task, and a random scroll with a weird bit of story popped up! What the heck?

A: Relax! You’ve just triggered an Adventurous Happening. Every time you complete a task, there’s a chance that you’ll stumble across something adventurous; it’s the risk you take when you travel the lands of GetYeDone…

Q: Is it possible to assign more than one skill or attribute to a task? That would be really useful!

A: Unfortunately, no. Due to the way our database is structured, it’s not possible for tasks to have multiple skills/attributes. Part of the reason we added attributes was so that it’s possible for adventurers to give their tasks multiple categories. As Dev #1 likes to say, “This isn’t a choose-one-of-two-loved-ones-being-dangled-over-a-great-height-by-your-arch-nemesis thing. No one is gonna die if you pick gardeneering this time you mow the lawn and athletics next time you do it.”

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Leveling Up and the EXP Buff

Q: How does leveling up work? Why does each level require more EXP to reach?

A: As you earn EXP, you level up. With each new level, you require a bit more overall EXP to reach the next level. The math looks something like this:

The start of your new level is exactly one 1 EXP more than the end of your last level. This new level is this same number divided by whatever level you are at, divided by ten and rounded down to the next whole number, with all of the EXP required for your last level tacked on to keep things challenging.

Written out, this is a little like:

(starting EXP for this level) + [ (starting EXP for this level) \ (Current Level / 10 [rounded down] ) ]

The system is set up so that even though you earn exponentially more EXP per task as your level gets higher, the amount of EXP (relative to your level) needed to reach the next level advances at a more sedate pace. Otherwise, although you’d reach levels one through five fairly quickly, by level ten you’d need dozens of normal tasks to reach level eleven. The way we have it set up now is, we think, much less frustrating.

Q: How does the EXP buff (earning more EXP per task at each level) work?

A: The EXP you gain for a task is based on an “average” task, difficulty normal. At levels 0 and 1, a normal task earns you 10 EXP. At those levels, we expect 10 “average” tasks to be done per level. But since leveling gets harder as you go, we require more average tasks each level. This is calculated by taking 3.4 times your level and then adding that number onto the average task. So, the number of average tasks required per level is 10+(3.4 * your current level).

The EXP buff we set is based on that number (10+(3.4 * your current level)) to make sure that original 10 EXP stretched to fill that growing gap as you get more powerful. This number is accomplished by dividing the EXP needed from start to finish in this level by how many tasks per level is expected of you, dividing that by 10, and rounding it all to make it a pretty number. (Getting 76098.3523 EXP would be weird.)

Written out, the EXP buff breaks down like this:

( (End EXP for this level – start EXP for this level – 1) / tasks per level ) / 10 with the result rounded to the neared whole number.

And there you have it! How levels and EXP work behind the scenes here at Challenge Accepted.

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Q: How do I create a party?

A: Parties can be created via the “Create New Party” button on the Party Management page.

Q: How do I know when I’ve been invited to join a party?

A: On your party management page, a new “Pending Invites” section will appear above the “Your Parties” listing. Click on the party name to accept, or decline, the invitation. You have to check this page to see your invitations; we do not have a notification system in place.

Q: How do I request to be added to a party?

A: On the party info page, which you can get to by clicking on the party name, click the button that says “Petition” to submit a request for membership.

Q: How do I know when my request has been approved?

A: The party name will appear in the “Your Parties” listing on the party management page.

Q: What’s a rabble?

A: A rabble is another name for an open party (aka, a party that anybody can join). We thought it was fun?

Q: How do I leave a party?

A: If you created the party, you can’t actually leave it; you have to disband it, using the red “Disband” button on the party info page. If you didn’t create the party, you can leave it using the “Leave” button on the party info page.

Q: How do I report a party for gross behaviour/violating site rules?

A: In the near future we will have a “report abuse” system in place; for now, email us at and we’ll take care of the issue.

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Q. Is there a list of bugs/other issues that you’re already aware of and working on?

A. Yep! Check out the our Trello-based Challenge Accepted Development Board. Known Issues gets a whole column all to itself! (Link leads to an external site, but don’t worry, we trust it!)

Q. Is there any way to set up a recurring task that appears on my quest log with a specific frequency?

A. At the moment, no. However, this is something that we want to make possible in the future, along with being able to put tasks/quests in a specific order, setting due dates for tasks, giving tasks a priority ranking, and email reminders. To see the list of ideas we would like to implement, check out the Challenge Accepted Development Board over on Trello. (Link goes to an external site. We know. We trust them.)

Remember: there are only three of us, and we all have day jobs. If you want to see us implement some of those new features, why not buy us a cup of coffee? It makes us more efficient!

Q. Help! I can’t edit my character sheet!

A. This is a known issue. If you’ve instructed your browser to save your Challenge Accepted password, you may have problems saving edits to your character sheet. Unless you are changing your password, make sure that both “new password” fields are left blank. This should resolve the issue.

Q: I noticed {this thing that looks wrong}! What should I do?

A: The best way to report bugs and other site weirdness is via the “submit feedback” box on the bottom-left corner of the site. It gets checked every single day.

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Mobile App

Q. Any plans for an iOS/Android app?

A. This is, BY FAR, the most frequently asked question that we get. The answer is, Yes! Someday. However, as of now, a mobile app is pretty far off.

While we agree that a Challenge Accepted mobile app would be super awesome. There are a few reasons why it isn’t in the cards right now. Basically, building a mobile app (for any system) requires the following:

  • Knowledge of HOW to build the app
  • Time in which to build the app


  • Money to finance the building of the app.

Currently, we have… none of these things. Which is why, while we would really love a mobile app, it’s not feasible for us at the moment. For now, our focus is on adding features, squashing bugs, and getting Challenge Accepted out of beta.

When we DO decide to start working towards a mobile app, our current plan is to run a Kickstarter, and then pay somebody who actually knows how to build apps to do it for us. This is the option most likely to result in an actual app and LEAST likely to result in Dev#1 snapping and going to live in a hut in the forest.

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Q: When will {FEATURE THAT I DESPERATELY DESIRE} be implemented?

A: Check the “In Progress” and “Next Up” sections of the Challenge Accepted Development Board! As the names would suggest, those are the features we’re focusing on right now. If your DESPERATELY DESIRED FEATURE is in the “Ideas” section, it’s something we want to implement, but is lower down on our priority list. If you don’t see your DESPERATELY DESIRED FEATURE, you should add it to the suggestion box!

Q: What’s with all the owls?

A: What’s with your face?

Q: If I die in-game do I die in real life?

A: …Yes.

Q: Can I die in the game?

A: No. I mean, unless your character is a zombie. Then technically I guess you’re dead in the game? Anyway, moving on.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is SUPER IMPORTANT TO US.

You have the right to share as little, or as much, information on our site as you’d like. While your username and basic character info (race/class/alignment) are viewable by everyone, no one can see your tasks or personal information except for you. If you choose to make something private, then nobody on the site will see it. On the other hand, if you choose to share something, some other people might see it, and depending on how public you make it, a lot of other people might see it. But you will always, always have the choice to decide how, and with whom, you want to share your information.

For our part, we will never, never, ever share any of your personal information with anybody else, nor will we ever ask for any information beyond what we need for the signup page. We will never require that you give us your real name. You own all of the data that you put into the site. If we ever change a privacy setting, we will tell you about it first, and we will only make your information more private, never less. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can email us at contact @ getyedone.

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Rule #1

“Don’t be a dick.” – Wil Wheaton

Look, it’s simple. The lands of GetYeDone are a place where all are welcome, regardless of gender, race, class, or alignment. Or, you know. Any other kind of identifier. After all, we’re all in the battle for productivity together! So that’s why our main rule (other than “Don’t be a Joe”) is “Don’t be a dick.” (Thanks, Wil Wheaton!)

So if a user is behaving in a way that the Dev Team deems abusive, we’ll be doing something about it. In very serious cases, we will suspend and/or delete abusive accounts. We are committed to making Challenge Accepted a space where everybody feels safe, respects each other’s privacy, and gets things done in a fun, RPG-minded way.

Here are some examples of ways to break Rule #1, a.k.a. behavior that will not be tolerated on Challenge Accepted:

  • sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, or otherwise mean and small-minded language in public spaces
  • harassment, sexual or otherwise
  • usernames containing obscenities
  • spam
  • purposefully attempting to break the site
  • &etc.

If a user picks a username that violates this policy, we will change their username to something non-offensive (and probably embarrassing).

If a user creates a party with a name that violates this policy, the party will be deleted, and the user will receive a warning. If this happens a second time, the user will have their ability to create parties suspended.

If a user is reported for abuse within a party, such as on the party message board, their ability to use the party system will be suspended.

If you feel that a user is violating Rule #1, you can report them here. And if you have any questions for us about this policy, feel free to email us at

Adventurer's Tip #18

Got a question, but don’t see your answer here? You can reach us using the feedback page, Twitter, Facebook, or email us! This page will be updated frequently, so stay tuned!

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