GetYeDone 101

Welcome to the battle for productivity!

Here’s some basics to help you along.

  • A single to-do item is called a task.
  • Use a quest to group together tasks that work towards the same goal.
  • If your goal is very large, and requires multiple quests, use an odyssey.

How to use the Quest Log

Tasks can be completed via the checkboxes in the small Quest Log to your right, or via the main Quest Log page. You can also manage tasks, quests, or odysseys on the main Quest Log page.

When you check off a task, you’ll be asked to do four things:

  1. Select the skill that you used to complete the task, via a dropdown menu.
  2. (Optional) Select the attribute that helped you complete the task.
  3. Assign a difficulty to the quest.
  4. (Optional) Select the quest that the task belongs to, if you have not already done so.

Clicking “complete” will mark the task as finished, and you’ll be awarded EXP. You can also edit an in-progress task by clicking the box beside it and then choosing “save” rather than “complete.”

You can edit a quest by clicking on the quests’s title. This will take you to the quest management page, where you can re-name, change the status of, or even delete a quest.

Starter Quests

If you’re a new adventurer, you’ll notice that you already have a few tasks in your quest log. These tasks are a bit different from the normal sort: they’re tasks that all new adventurers must complete. Click on the task names to initiate the tasks themselves.

To productivity, and beyond!

Now that you’ve begun, the sky is the limit! Here’s a few suggestions for things you can do with Challenge Accepted:

  • Stay on top of school assignments. Use odysseys for classes, quests with concrete goals for specific assignments, and tasks to break the assignments down into complete-able steps.
  • Manage your household chores via a quest with an abstract goal: complete tasks as you finish your chores, and add new tasks as new chores arise.
  • Keep track of goals you’ve set for yourself by making them into quests. Create tasks that signpost different stages of goal completion. For example, create a new quest: Read 50 books this year. Add the following tasks to that quest: “Read 10 books,” “Read 20 books,” “Read 30 books,” and so on. Check off the tasks as you reach those signposts.
  • Band together with your friends by creating a party, and compete against one another via the Tourney Rankings.

Adventurer's Tip #67

Lost? Confused? Check the Hero Handbook and the FAQ! A wealth of knowledge awaits.

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