Known Issues

Challenge Accepted is a work in progress. Here’s some issues with the site that we’re aware of, and working to fix. If you’ve noticed a problem but you don’t see it listed here, let us know by submitting a bug report!

NOTE: If you’re noticing a BRAND NEW ERROR, the quickest way to check and see if we’re aware of it is to head over to our Twitter. We will almost always tweet about any newly encountered gremlins that we are currently working to resolve.

Persistent Gremlins What Have Not Yet Been Squashed:

  • Emails arriving VERY delayed or not being sent at all. This appears to be an issue with our new hosting. We are working to find the source of the problem: until then, you can use the submit feedback tool or tweet us.
  • Browser incompatibility. Some browsers take issue with HTML5 and CSS3, the languages out of which Challenge Accepted is constructed. We highly recommend updating your browser to the very newest version. For the record, Challenge Accepted looks AWESOME in Google Chrome.
  • Multiple “Level Up” banners. This happens sometimes at lower levels, when completing a task takes you to EXACTLY the amount of EXP required to advance to the next level. It doesn’t break anything, and hey! You get to celebrate twice!
  • Incorrect Quest Log timestamps. Their is a small temporal anomaly in the Quest Log. It’s nothing to be alarmed about; just be careful where you step.

Adventurer's Tip #46

We also recommend checking out our official development board over at Trello. We keep the “Known Issues” list updated as we notice new gremlins to be defeated!

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