As you complete tasks and earn EXP, your character will progress towards higher and higher levels. Leveling up is an awesome reminder of how awesome and productive you are, and definitely a cause for celebration!

With each new level, you need to earn more EXP to reach the next level. Luckily, each new level also brings with it a new EXP modifier—you earn more for a ‘normal’ task at Level 10 than you did at Level 5, and so on. Also, the higher your level the more impressive your class tier!

Adventurer's Tip #6

From the FAQ:

As you earn EXP, you level up. With each new level, you require a bit more overall EXP to reach the next level. The math looks something like this:

The start of your new level is exactly one 1 EXP more than the end of your last level. This new level is this same number divided by whatever level you are at, divided by ten and rounded down to the next whole number, with all of the EXP required for your last level tacked on to keep things challenging.

Written out, this is a little like:

(starting EXP for this level) + [ (starting EXP for this level) (Current Level / 10 [rounded down] ) ]

The system is set up so that even though you earn exponentially more EXP per task as your level gets higher, the amount of EXP (relative to your level) needed to reach the next level advances at a more sedate pace. Otherwise, although you’d reach levels one through five fairly quickly, by level ten you’d need dozens of normal tasks to reach level eleven. The way we have it set up now is, we think, much less frustrating.

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