Quest Status

All quests are either one of two status types: active, or inactive.

Quests are, by default, marked as active. This means that they appear in the Quest Log and on the Quest Management page, which is handy when you’re in the process of doing them. But sometimes, you reach the end of a quest. And after the celebrations are over with and the loot counted, it can be a little awkward to still have that quest hanging out in your quest log, especially if you have a lot of other quests and odysseys to work on next.

When this happens, you can change the quest’s status to inactive by going to the quest’s management page, clicking the “Status” dropdown, and selecting “Inactive” from the list. Click “save” to confirm your changes. If at any point you want to re-activate your quest, you can do so by doing the same thing in reverse.

Marking a quest as inactive causes that quest to no longer appear in the Quest Log or on the Quest Management page. The quest will also no longer appear as an option in the “quest” menu when you complete a new task.

However, the quest is not deleted: all information, tasks, &etc. are still there, and can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the Quest Management page and clicking “Show all quests and odysseys, including inactive ones.” This will do exactly what it says on the tin, and show all of your quests and odysseys: inactive ones will be listed in gray.

Adventurer's Tip #86

Odysseys can also be made inactive. This happens when all quests within that odyssey are made inactive. This can be done one at a time, as quests are completed. Alternately, you can mark all of an odyssey’s quests inactive at once by going to odyssey’s management page, going to the “Status” dropdown, selecting “Mark All Quests Inactive,” and saving. This will cause the odyssey to no longer appear on the Quest Log management page. The odyssey WILL still appear as an option in the “odyssey” dropdown on quest management pages. If a new active quests is placed within an inactive odyssey, that odyssey will be made active again.

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