A quest is a collection of tasks that share a common goal.

For example, the quest “Purge the Monsters of Uncleanliness from the Living Areas” (aka, “Clean the House”) might contain several tasks, such as “Vacuum the Wicked Bunnies of Dust,” “Restore the Sparkle to the Kitchen,” and “Drive out the Hoards of Garbage and Recycling!” Completing any one of these tasks works towards achieving the quest’s overall goal.

A quest’s goal can either be ‘concrete’ or ‘abstract.’ Choosing one goal type or the other affects how the cumulative EXP for the quest is displayed on the quest management page. Click here to find out more about quest goal types!

Adventurer's Tip #23

You can show and hide any quest in the Quest Log by clicking on the minus (-) or plus (+) sign to the left of the quest name. This also works for odysseys!

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