Skills are an adventurer’s area of expertise. Each time you complete a task, you’ll select the skill you primarily used to complete it. When you create your character, you choose skills that you think you’ll use often from the big list. These are the skills your character is “trained” in, and will appear at the top of the skill menu when you complete a quest for ease of access.

The more tasks you complete using a certain skill, the more skill points (SP) you receive in that skill. As you receive more points in a skill, you will level that skill up.

Adventurer's Tip #12

Want to add or remove some active skills from your profile? It's quite easy to do! Simply scroll down to the bottom of your character sheet and click the “Change Active Skills” button. Check or uncheck skill boxes as you see fit. Click “save” to finish the process!

Academia - Book-learning, especially the sort done in the hallowed halls of the The Academy.
Adulting - It's almost like you're a real adult now!
Artistry - Hone your craft as you design great works and create masterpieces.
Athletics - Get your sweat on, and strive for victory over all challengers—including your own limitations.
Blather - Sweeping speeches and devastating debates. Or, just a friendly chat.
Bookwormery - Unlock the powerful secrets contained between the covers of even the most unassuming book.
Bureaucracy - Useful during times of Much Paperwork, of Applying For Things, and of Navigating Overly Complex Corporate Systems
Camaraderie - Time spent in good company with fellow adventurers
Cleansing - Take up your broom (or other implement of cleanliness) and do battle against dirt, grime, and clutter.
Codemonkery - Follow the ancient and respected Way of the Coder.
Commerce - Buy or sell your goods in the marketplace.
Communication - For when your words speak as loud as your actions.
Cookery - Don your apron and brandish your best knife as you scale the heights of culinary excellence.
Crafting - The needle, the blade, the skein: these are the tools by which the crafter works their magic.
Drudgery - The annoying, unpleasant tasks that must, nonetheless, be done.
Editeering - The words have been written; now comes the difficult part.
Entertainment - Kick back and enjoy yourself.
Errandry - The miscellaneous, mundane-yet-necessary tasks that make up a day.
Essaying - Distilling down the collected knowledge of the ages into paper, ink, and tears.
Fact Hunting - It's a dangerous job, hunting the wild factoid, but somebody's got to do it...
Fancypantsamancy - Prim and proper as ****.
Fannishness - You just have a lot of feelings, okay?
Festivities - Party, party, party hard—celebrate your victories!
Gameplay - A pleasant diversion, be it on a board, a tabletop, or a computer screen.
Gardeneering - Tend the earth, cultivate green and growing things, and vanquish all weeds.
Goodly Deeds - Make the world a better place.
Guardianship - You have been charged with the care of something precious.
Handle Animal - Care for your animal companions—that litter box won’t clean itself.
Investigation - The game is afoot! You know you need to solve the problem, you just don't quite know how...
Making - Use your own two hands to turn an idea into a reality.
Maths - Perform astonishing feats of calculation.
Mechanics - Engineer a wondrous machine; alternately, fix your car when it breaks down.
Musicianship - Coax harmony (or discord) from your instrument of choice.
Organizeering - A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Perform - Tell a story, act out an epic tale, entertain your audience!
Plotting - Strategize, plan an attack, brainstorm, or think deep thoughts.
Prevailing - Vanquishing a foe, besting a challenge, or outlasting a siege: you've done it. Go you!
Procrastination - Because doing something to avoid doing something else is still doing something.
Profiteering - It’s all in a day’s work.
SCIENCE! - Everyone stand back! You're going to try SCIENCE!
Skullduggery - You solemnly swear you are up to no good.
Spawnwrangling - How can a thing so small create so much chaos?
Spirituality - Communing with a higher power.
Sustainability - Reducing, reusing, recycling, and other environmental do-goodery!
Technomancy - Teach technology to bow to your whims.
Terrible Ideas - Because as long as you learned from it, it’s still experience.
Thriftyness - The deals, man! The deals!
Wanderlust - Planes, trains, automobiles, bicycles, horses, and friendly dragons: explore the world!
Well-Being - Do good things for your mental, emotional, and physical health.
Wilderness Survival - Camping, hiking, fishing, tracking, star-gazing, and otherwise actively communing with nature.
Woodland Lore - Learning the ways of the wilderness and respecting the laws of nature.
Wordsmithing - Weave a tapestry of words.

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