A task (see also: “to do”) is a single action undertaken by you—the adventurer. Tasks are the basic building blocks of Challenge Accepted. Your laundry? A task. That report the boss wants in by Friday? A task. Slaying that dragon? A task, and a hefty one at that.

When you complete a task, you’ll assign it a difficulty level, which will determine how many experience points (EXP) you receive for it. Easier tasks earn less EXP, while more difficult tasks earn more. You will also assign a task a skill and an attribute. Note: a task cannot be completed unless all three of these things (difficulty level, skill, attribute) have been assigned.

Adventurer's Tip #39

Curious about organization? By default, tasks, quests, and odysseys appear in alphabetical order. Here are some handy tips and tricks for organizing your Quest Log.

  • To make tasks appear in a specific order, just add numbers in front of them! BUT if your list is going to have more than nine tasks, make sure you number like this: 01, 02, 03… 10, 11, 12, &etc. This will keep your list in the order you want it. Click here to see an example of good numbering versus troubled numbering.
  • To bump a task to the very top of your quest log, add a space before the task name. You won’t be able to SEE the space, but it will affect the alphabetical hierarchy. The more spaces you add, the higher up in the hierarchy you bump the task: tasks with five spaces will appear above tasks with four spaces, which will appear above tasks with three spaces, and so on. Here's an example of using spaces to organize your Quest Log.
  • Another method for bumping a task up in the quest log is to use a symbol before the task name. The more symbols, the higher up the list a task will appear. Note: different symbols have different places in the alphabetical hierarchy, as seen in the graphic below. Also, beware of ^ and _ (underscore), because these symbols will actually bump your task to the BOTTOM of the quest log! For a somewhat ridiculously comprehensive look at how symbols can help you organize your tasks, click here.
  • Tasks that are unaffiliated with any quest or odyssey will ALWAYS appear at the very top of the quest log. If you want to keep something RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, keeping the task unaffiliated might be your best option. You can always go back and add it to a quest later on.

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