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Defeat the Dreaded Paper Monster!

Chances are good that there is a giant pile of paper somewhere in your house. On a desk? In a drawer? On a shelf somewhere? This catch-all “important papers” pile probably started innocently enough, but has now become a BEHEMOTH. Today it’s time to take up your weapons of choice (we recommend file folders and a recycling bin) and take the giant paper pile down!

Bonus task: sort the “to-keep” papers by type (receipts, invoices, credit card statements, letters from grandma, etc.).

Resources & Suggestions

  • Separate what you really need to keep from what needs to be recycled. BE RUTHLESS. Remember, the more paper that remains in the pile, the more power the Paper Monster has.
  • Designate an actual place for your important papers to live—it can be a filing cabinet, a milk crate (D#2’s solution), or even a shoebox! The important thing is that they have a home, and aren’t festering and growing out in the open anymore.
  • Sort the “to-keep” papers by type (receipts, invoices, credit card statements, letters from grandma, etc.). True story: organizing the Paper Monster cuts off the source of its power, rendering it HARMLESS.
  • If you can, try and keep up always filing things in their new home rather than setting them out in the open. But set a reminder for yourself a few weeks from now, and make sure you sharpen your weapon of choice… just in case the Paper Monster tries to make a comeback.

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Master a new musical skill!

This week, Raz challenges you to level up your musicianship. But if you just sold your lute to pay for potion ingredients, not to worry! You don’t need a drum to rock a beat. And if you’re really in the mood to jam, you can find a musical instrument in just about anything…

Even if you think you are completely rhythmically hopeless, we dare you to try to learn at least one of these. At the very least, it will be entertaining. And who knows? You might find a new favorite method of passing the time while you wait for your potions to brew!

Resources & Suggestions

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Unclutter your inbox!

Does your email inbox have more in common with a den of hobgoblins than a useful repository of communication? Do you forget to do things because the information you need is lost in the shuffle? Do you receive five completely useless emails for every ONE that’s actually important? Are you on ninety-seven mailing lists that you can’t remember ever having signed up for?

Well, adventurers. IT ENDS TODAY.

Strap on your gloves, lift your weapon of choice, and wade into the mess that is your email inbox. Be ruthless! Give no quarter! This was once a place of peace and calm and productivity, and with your help, it will be again!

Resources & Suggestions

  • Try keeping your inbox reserved exclusively for emails that you need to do something to/with. Use folders, or the archive function, for everything else.
  • This is a big one: the next time an unwanted newsletter pops up in your inbox, UNSUBSCRIBE from it rather than just deleting or archiving it. It’s a little bit of extra effort, but future!you will thank you.
  • On that note, you might try using a tool like Unroll, which scans your inbox for subscriptions and gives you the option to bulk unsubscribe. (Note: useful, but requires you to link to it via FB/Twitter—we found it worth it, but it’s 100% your call.)
  • Email filters are THE BOMB. Here’s how to set them up in Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.
  • Inbox Zero is an interesting, potentially useful inbox management strategy for some adventurers.
  • There are a lot of tools out there specifically for inbox management. A neat one is Boomerang, which lets you “boomerang” messages that you don’t want to deal with right now and have them return to your inbox later. (Gmail only.)

Do YOU have a strategy for staying on top of the inbox clutter monsters? Share it with your fellow adventurers by telling us about it on Twitter or Facebook!

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Finish something!

This week’s challenge is deceptively simple. So simple, in fact, that we’re not even providing you with any resources and suggestions for completing it. That’s because this week’s challenge is intensely personal. It’s going to mean something completely different to every adventurer who undertakes it.

This week, Raz challenges you to finish something.

Resources & Suggestions

There is a task, or even a quest, that you are on the cusp of completing. Maybe it’s something very small that you’ve just been putting off completing. Maybe it’s something big that requires one last push. Or maybe it’s something you haven’t even started, for whatever reason—a lack of deadline, fear of the unknown—that’s just sitting there in your Quest Log, waiting.

Finish it. Break it down into simple steps, and finish it. Put aside your excuses*, and finish it. You can do this. You WILL do this. And when it’s done, the trumpets will sound your triumph!

(*Note: “excuses” are different than “reasons”. If you haven’t finished building that grandfather clock you’ve been working on because you have a broken arm, maybe pick something different to finish for this week’s challenge.)

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Master the contents of your closet!

Some of us have skeletons in our closets… but a lot of us just have too many t-shirts. Piles of laundry that we’re too lazy to fold. Dress shirts that have never seen an iron. Ties that we really have no idea how to tie. Well NO MORE. This week, Raz challenges you to march into your closet and face the sartorial monsters dwelling there. They're not the boss of you! Put on the power music of your choice (we recommend BeyoncĂ©) and go get 'em!

Resources & Suggestions

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